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According to Jill Stein, the challenge is to find out if foreign agents? I don’t think this calculated move was drawn up by Stein, even though she’s a very smart person. Knowledge is a mightier weapon than many think it to be. Then think about all the violence that the police have gotten away with over these past 15 years, the MSM silence of it…or how about the current war being waged on Native American’s at Standing Rock North Dakota right now? Standing Rock should be a wake up call to millions of American’s this Thanksgiving weekend…what do you think they will do to protesters if they overturn the 2016 US Presidential election results? If the US establishment is unsuccessful in removing Donald Trump with the “ReCount Election” and he still doesn’t play ball with them after they have exhausted all their political tricks including impeachment, then they will try to assassinate him.

The same can be said about internal affairs since most of the time they just ignore what the people want unless it’s what the establishment convinced the people to want. Everyone can feel it building but at the same time most people have also become polar in their political belief and have chosen a side instead of walking the narrow path. It is what makes every member go in the same direction. Now adding fire to the anti-trump protests, we have the challenge by Jill Stein of the Green Party and Clinton Supporters to recount the ballots in three swing states that could possibly overturn the election in Clinton’s favour. But what becomes extremely concerning is when computer experts and lawyers suggest Clinton demand a recount in 3 swing states that Donald Trump won. This scenario leads to civil unrest and could prove to be worse than the dirty politics approach because in death, Trump would become an American martyr and a rally cry for millions of really pissed off American’s. US would immediately find itself knee deep in mass protest which would threaten to tear the social fabric of the American community apart. This way everyone on your Android’s contact list can see updates, posts and notifications of any activity on your social networking pages.

After paying Facebook for putting posts on more of the bands subscriber news feeds, bands find themselves out of pocket with no real results, as its all just a numbers game and scam. Ask any activist who’s been isolated for their political posts or ask a musician who now has to pay out money for his page posts to reach those who already subscribed to their updates. Tens of Thousands of people have died because of her and now Africa is bleeding refugees into Europe that the Europeans simply cannot handle because of their own economic poverty. Transfer payments are wealth confiscated from some people and given to other people. I want to start a project in the near future and need all of you who were children, teens, even adults in this cult if you are willing to tell your story on film, I am interested in listening. Now, you need to visit a patent attorney to start the process.

You need to present your target audience with juicy bits of information to keep them coming back for more. There’s plenty of news to keep you busy, and the news is generally positive (which keeps the cranks off your back). Especially the News on America can help you to do your planning in a proper way. Check out the renewed Patriot Act, the National Defence Authorization Act (N.D.A.A.) and the way Obama and the US establishment has militarized all the local police forces throughout America. Dockworkers who manually loaded and unloaded ships also had to give way to cranes which could get the job done a lot quicker and more efficiently. But let’s get back to the reason for my writing today. Jill Stein’s recount move seems more like an establishment operation to put their candidate Hillary Clinton in power through the back door. Anti-Trump protests, organized or hijacked by the George Soros funded “Move On” group, were quickly put in motion and broadcast over US television. I well remember the time when the “world news” was only broadcast for 30 minutes, which was broken up by commercials.

Donald Trump won the 2016 US Presidential election, and so, for a little while, we have escaped the real prospect of World War III with Russia. That’s why Facebook is calling for the rebranding of both applications, to remind the world that these are Facebook properties. Finance Tue, 18 Oct 2005 9:36 AM PDTSalem Publishing has signed a deal to buy The Singing News Magazine and its related Internet properties for an undisclosed sum. The internet has only really been around for most people for less than 20 years, yet its impact on the world has been immense. Ultimately, the people residing in these areas prefer to have of these sectors to keep themselves updated with the of their particular sectors. Can you keep a wombat as a pet? The people can choose the print media, electronic media or the wireless source of that suit to their demands. However, many people take these expectations for granted.