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When the money clears, then he can get back his dodgy dealings or his originals go to the “fraud squad.” To which Eileen replies, “do they exist? Sean tells Eileen that she only has one choice now: go to Owen, get down on her knees and beg for mercy. Julie says they go to the yard, get the incriminating documents then copy them. They dress up in matching black French beret outfits and lie about going to a new bar in town when really they’re going to the builder’s yard to steal tax evasion documents. Cheryl puts her dress in the boot and notices a duffle bag full of jewellery and other stolen items. Eddie gives Lloyd the call that the police are there when he’s out with Cheryl when she’s picking up her dress. Eileen breaks down and tells Julie that she’s been a fool and doesn’t know what to do.

Fiz says it’s hard without John but she’s glad that he’s got proper help. ” No, Julie got that from Life On Mars. Chris doesn’t let Lloyd leave without giving him a nasty wink that says “Yeah, you know it.” Cheryl is angry with Lloyd for starting up with an ex. He replies with “good.” At the factory, Julie asks after Eileen but Sean won’t say anything and suggests she visit Eileen herself as opposed to asking him how she is all the time. So let’s look one more time at the facts. He leaves Eddie at the helm in the cabbie station when the police arrive for more questioning. They tell Eddie that there are stolen goods on the property – they got a word. Chris plays it cool and says whatever he’s up to its got nothing to do with him. She notices that he’s quite chipper, more than usual at least. Julie points out to Eileen that Owen’s dodged a lot more than ten grand in taxes over the years. It takes Julie an afternoon at her machine and she has found a solution for Eileen. Speak of the devil, Chris takes Maria to lunch at the cafe and tells him about her dreams to own a salon.

Eileen tells Julie all and Julie gets upset with Owen and offers Eileen money. Julie goes to see Eileen and tells her that she knows something’s up – she can feel it. Eileen pulls a sicky so she doesn’t have to face Owen. It doesn’t go away for Eileen, since Owen shows up to work on her roof – since he’s a man of his word. Lloyd arrives back and Cheryl wonders if he’s gotten himself into anything. Lloyd is as shocked as Cheryl. In the pub later, Lloyd puts two and two together and gets four. Lloyd doesn’t understand why the coppers can’t figure it out that none of his cabbies had anything to do with Janice’s robbery. Fill out your application: Once you fill out the online application, your specific skills and experience will be matched with jobs that fit your qualifications. Teachers not only teach their students a variety of subjects and languages, but also equip students with the basic skills to succeed in life, act as role models, and provide inspiration to succeed. HP Mini 1000 is available with an 8.9″ or 10.1″ diagonal display, weighs only 2.25 lb., and has a nearly full sized keyboard.