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Some have even gone so far as to say; all locations, all personal homes of executives and all satellite relay systems immediately. WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) – North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear capabilities, the top US intelligence official said, even as President Donald Trump expresses confidence he can persuade Kim Jong Un to disarm. There are many online news portals that can help you know about all the top newsmakers of last week. If they are in conflict with their bosses, why don’t they organize so that they CAN bring the real news to the masses? Firstly the news can sometimes affect you. They publish many stories per day, on a similar model to Western news agencies like the Press Agency or Reuters. The Western News media does nothing to help stop this horror. It is time that the entire World puts a stop to Israel’s evil aggression. Boycott Israel, call your leaders and tell them to put a stop to these evil bastards. The so called reporters would have you believe that Israel is justified for carrying out these attacks while the lifeless bodies of woman, children and men, lie blown to bits by evil aggression!

I am ashamed of all the Countries that continue to allow these brutal and evil attacks on human life. I call on every Human Being to stand up! How can the leaders of the World sit back and allow Israel to carry out aerial attacks on innocent human beings? Back in “the day,” the commentators were able to do it. Israel should never have been imposed on the Palestinian people to begin with. If you suspect that someone is using your name in a malicious way– for example, to begin trolling on websites– then there’s more reason for concern. Let them know you have had enough of these Israeli war crimes, and if your leaders do not listen, then let them know that they will be held responsible and accountable! Words are NOT enough when War Crimes are being committed. Western Leaders of today, use these words often, in fact it seems to be their sole agenda. Why are journalists not putting the tough moral questions to the so-called leaders of the Western World?

They will insist that Israel is justified for attacking the Palestinians and push their agenda with ALL Western Leaders. Well I will go one further, and say that a Zionist is the same as a Nazi, an evil-minded oppressionist that inflicts fear, hatred, and violence to justify their existence. But less well known is that floods can also lead to starvation. If the World is going to progress then it will be up to ALL nations to lead and not just 5 nations that dictate terms! If the UN decides to grow up and reform the Security Council, we will then be in a position to take a moral path as a species where all mankind will be equal! Moral decisions cannot be made with a United Nations controlled by the 5 permanent Security Council members. Security Council. Peace is up to ALL nations and not the 5 Permanent members. This is especially critical for nations that have a differing scope of populace focuses, for example, urban communities or towns. Its time for ALL nations to have a say in international affairs.

Specialty packages of international sports, including World Cup Cricket from India, Pakistan, and Africa, are available for enthusiasts to experience the wide world of sports entertainment. So friend, if you are one of those looking for regional news about Lebanese, Arab, Israel news then head on to this news portal to have brief knowledge about your local issues, business, politics, entertainment and people. Are they investigative Journalists or are they smear puppets in an Imperial News Corporation? Do they report the real news, or a one-sided propaganda smear? After paying Facebook for putting posts on more of the bands subscriber news feeds, bands find themselves out of pocket with no real results, as its all just a numbers game and scam. Who ever is in support of Israel and their justification for killing people in Palestine, Lebanon, or Syria, are incarnate monsters and the real problem of our World today.